Paper we print on

Our cards are flat printed on the highest quality cardstock using a commercial press, resulting in bold saturated color and crisp text. 

You can choose from the following paper options:

Deluxe:  340gsm, pure white matt

Premium: 400gsm, white smooth

Wild Cotton: 300gsm, textured off-white

Linen: 300gsm, textured white

Cream: 350gsm, ivory quality paper

Metallics: 300gsm, shiny quality paper

Buffalo: 300gsm, kraft paper

Premium Lux: 680gsm, white, double thickness

Vellum: 200gsm, transparent paper

Coloured papers: 300gsm - 700gsm, a vast variaty of coloured papers available

Double thickness: 650gsm - 700gsm, off white paper

Handmade Paper: 210gsm, off white, blush, ivory, taupe 

For questions, comments or assistance, we invite you to contact us.

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