Price Guideline Silk Ribbons & Wax Seals

The prices below are an indication only. Please contact us for a formal quote.
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Silk Ribbons Only

x25 sets: US$137.50     |     x50 sets: US$200   |   x75 sets: US$262.50

x90 sets: US$270   |   x100 sets: US$300  |    x120 sets: US$336

x140 sets: US$392  |    x160 sets: US$416  |    x180 sets: US$468

x200 sets: US$520   |    x220 sets: US$572   |    x240 sets: US$624

x300 sets: US$780    |    x400 sets: US$1040    |    x500 sets: US$1300 




Silk Ribbons & Wax Seals Melted on the Silk Ribbons

x25 sets: US$237.50     |     x50 sets: US$350   |   x75 sets: US$487.50

x90 sets: US$522   |   x100 sets: US$560  |    x120 sets: US$624

x140 sets: US$728  |    x160 sets: US$768  |    x180 sets: US$864

x200 sets: US$960  |    x220 sets: US$1056   |    x240 sets: US$1152

x300 sets: US$1440    |    x400 sets: US$1920    |    x500 sets: US$2400 



Please select the color from the options below. If you need a custom color, please contact us. 

silk ribbons

silk ribbons

silk ribbons

Wax seals